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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Licenced Plumber

You’re dealing with a plumbing emergency and wonder if you should ask the handyman in your neighbourhood for help or call in a licensed plumber? We have five reasons why you should definitely get the job done by a licensed plumber. 

Most homeowners often undermine the importance of their home’s plumbing system. Or at least that’s until they encounter issues such as improper drainage, leaks, dripping taps, or faulty water heater. 

Now, while you may be able to make small repairs to minor leaks or clogged drains, many other plumbing emergencies should be better left to the specialists. Licenced plumbers go through extensive training, education courses, and years of on the job experience to be able to properly fix any plumbing issue, such as repairing leaks or cleaning drains without damaging pipes. 

Here are five reasons why you should have your plumbing issue or maintenance handled by a professional plumber. 


First things first, one of the reasons why you should hire a licensed plumber is the fact that they are trustworthy. 

Think about it: a licence isn’t just a mere document that anyone can easily get. It is proof that the plumber you hire has gone through extensive training and has all the necessary knowledge to fix your problem. While the handyman in your neighbourhood may know how to fix minor issues, only a licenced plumber will be able to correctly determine the more serious issues and find the best solutions for them. 

The licence is also proof that they are trustworthy and are personally committed to their profession. Unlike unlicensed plumbers, licenced plumbers comply with the standards and abide by the rules and regulations as stated by law. 

Assured peace of mind

One of the most excellent perks of hiring a licenced plumber is that your plumbing problems will be adequately repaired from start to finish. 

Licensed plumbers are professionals who are fully dedicated to their job, meaning that your plumbing problem is their priority until it is fully repaired. Knowing this, you can get assured peace of mind that there wouldn’t be any possibility for any new plumbing issue to come anytime soon. 

The right tools for your problem 

Various common plumbing problems can arise when you expect them the least, including dripping taps, slow draining sink, clogged or running toilet, or low water pressure

Now, here’s the deal: each problem requires different types of tools and parts to get fixed. A professional and licenced plumber will always be equipped with the right tools and equipment to diagnose the issue and fix it properly. 

Moreover, a licenced plumber will also know if any of the repairs your plumbing system requires needs plumbing permit. Plus, they will also do all the paperwork that’s necessary for the plumbing permit without troubling you about any of this stuff. 

Save money 

You may think that DIY plumbing or asking your handy neighbour for help with your plumbing issue will cost you less than hiring a licensed plumber. However, in the long-run, you may be paving the way for several other problems in the near future. Typically, when a plumbing problem isn’t solved correctly with the right tools and the proper knowledge, it gets worse. So, eventually, you’ll have to shell out more cash to fix the complications. 

Unlicensed plumbers might be more inexpensive than licenced professionals. However, although they might have some plumbing skills, they might not know precisely how to handle your specific plumbing emergency. Thus, they might be implementing incorrect solutions, paving the way for more severe plumbing problems. 

On the flip side, licenced plumbers have extensive knowledge in every particularity of the plumbing system and its problems, meaning that they will implement the right solution.

24/7 support 

What if you deal with a water damage emergency? Will unlicensed plumbers answer your call at all times? Most likely not!

During such times of misfortune, a professional plumber will come to the rescue no matter the time because professional plumbing experts are on call 24/7 as they are dedicated to offering emergency plumbing services with quick response times. 

When you are dealing with a plumbing emergency, it’s best to call in a professional and licensed plumber because they will, for sure, answer your call and get to your door as fast as possible. And, remember that time is crucial when you are dealing with a plumbing emergency such as a significant leak. The quicker the professional plumbers will come to rescue, the less damage will be brought to your home.

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