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When to Call an Emergency Plumber?

More often than not, domestic plumbing issues happen gradually. You identify them before they get out of hand, and can fix them before they cause large-scale problems. As such, you don’t experience inconveniences of substantial damage and the expensive repairs that come with it. 

But sometimes you may tend to assume these problems are minor, and they don’t require your attention. Because the shower and toilet function well, you ignore the gurgling sound in the pipes. Unfortunately, this particular sound indicates an extensive plumbing issue. As you can guess, ignoring a sign can trigger an emergency plumbing issue

You can handle yourself some plumbing repairs. You can check the meter valve, clean the showerhead or fix water pressure, when it’s low. But some issues require an expert check. 

Rapid water leaks

The classic scenario that triggers an emergency plumber’s visit, one of the water lines burst and flooded your house. It’s not a common issue, but it occasionally destroys houses. And when it happens, you better act fast, or you’ll replace the floors and furniture. 

If there is a pipe burst, check for an intermediary water supply shut off valve placed close the leak. Supposing it’s your lucky day, you can find the valve that stops the water and prevent the leakage from flooding your house. When you cannot find the intermediary valve, locate the house’s main one and turn it off. Once you stop the water from pouring inside the house, contact an emergency plumber to come as soon as possible and fix the issue. 

There is no water in the house

At the time water stops flowing within the home, the issue is located in a room like a bathroom, kitchen, or around an area, as the shower, toilet or sink. Hardly ever, there is no water in the entire building. 

Before calling a plumber, check all water outlets to identify the ones that don’t receive water. Check both hot and cold water supplies because often the water heater fails to deliver warm water. Your cold water may still be operable at the sink where you lack hot water. 

When the water doesn’t run, you deal with a severe issue. Sometimes the cause is a pipe buried deep in the house foundation or even a street pipe. Other times the supply pipe is severed, and it diverts water away from your house. Leaks can also trigger a lack of water. 

The Taps are dripping

You hear the taps dripping at the night when you try to fall asleep, and the entire house is wrapped in silence. Dripping taps also cause high bills because you cannot control the amount of water that runs through pipes. The moment you notice a tap dripping, call an emergency plumber to fix it and prevent the above issues. Even if the drip is small, it requires repairs because it can grow overnight and damage your house. 

Dirty water runs through the pipes

The quality and quantity of clean water available at your house influence your health. When only dirty water runs through your pipes, you are susceptible to bacteria and diseases. Even if your home is top-notch clean it an become a breeding ground for germs when the water supply is dirty. 

Coloured water is a sign of iron in the water, and it can damage your heater. Green or blue water points out copper in the supply. The moment you notice coloured water pouring contact an emergency plumber to identify the cause. 

You smell gaseous odours 

Before the issue manifests in the form of mushy walls, smelly water, and pools of murky water around the yard, you can feel some gaseous odors. Blocked or broken sewers trigger strange events indoors and outdoors, the toilets are filling when you run the shower or sink, and the bathtub is filling with wastewater when you use the restroom. Some times the solution is to dig up the sewer line, find the clogged or broken pipe, and fix or replace it with a new one. But this job you cannot handle alone. Also, the first signs may not draw your attention. 

The sewer line carries all wastewater from your sinks, washing machine, dishwasher, toilets and bathtubs. Your household cannot function when it doesn’t work because it paralyzes all activities. Off Tap Plumbing Pty Ltd has a video inspection system that inspects the lines and can identify the issue without digging up all pipes. Sometimes they can fix it without breaking walls and digging in your garden. 

As a responsible homeowner, you should know the times when you need the services of emergency plumbers. Never ignore or prolong these problems. To avoid these issues it is also recommended to get a plumbing inspection every 6 to 12 months.

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