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While Australia is a lucky country in regards to water sanitation, there are measures in place to ensure our water stays safe to drink, cook and clean with. As a home or business owner with a backflow device, it’s imperative to understand your responsibilities of backflow prevention and the importance of backflow maintenance.

What is backflow?

Backflow is when the flow of potentially contaminated water is reversed. This water can cause water-borne illnesses.

Backflow is prevented using a backflow prevention device and this device must be registered. You could have a backflow device if you:

  • Have an irrigation system
  • Have an alternate supply of water
  • Have water outlets close to chemicals, grease traps or other pollutants
  • Have fire hydrants or a fire hose reel
  • Have equipment that could pollute drinking water
  • Carry out activities that could pollute drinking water
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Backflow Maintenance

If you have a backflow device on your property you must have it maintained regularly to ensure the water is clean. Your backflow maintenance plumber will check and test the device to make sure it is working properly. The details of the test will then be submitted to your local council. If the device didn’t pass the test, your backflow plumber will fix it, retest and resubmit the results to your local council.

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